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The Satta Matka or Satta Matta Matka 143 or SattaMatka is a form to Matka gambling Batting website introuced by Kalyan Bhagat in 1962 with his all Satta Matka Market, Sridevi, Time Bazar, Milan, Rajdhani, Kalyan, Main Mumbai Bazar (Day/Night) game chart's live updates. Satta Matka is a lottery game of guessing Matka number like Matka Open/Jodi/Panna/Patti, SattaMatka Open To Close. If you bid on a Matka numbers of a Satta Batta Bazar that is the Satta Matka Result of the day, then you win the SattaMatka and winning with highest bid makes you the SattaMatka King!

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Open Time:- 10:15 AM Close Time:- 11:15 AM


Open Time:- 11:30 AM Close Time:- 12:30 PM


फ्री गेम से क्लोज पास
Open Time:- 11:35 AM Close Time:- 12:35 PM


फ्री गेम से ओपन पास
Open Time:- 01:00 PM Close Time:- 02:00 PM


फ्री गेम से क्लोज पास
Open Time:- 01:20 PM Close Time:- 02:20 PM


फ्री गेम से ओपन पास
Open Time:- 03:00 PM Close Time:- 05:00 PM


फ्री गेम से क्लोज पास
Open Time:- 03:00 PM Close Time:- 05:00 PM


Open Time:- 03:35 PM Close Time:- 05:35 PM


Open Time:- 04:15 PM Close Time:- 06:15 PM


फ्री गेम से ओपन क्लोज पास
Open Time:- 07:00 PM Close Time:- 08:00 PM


Open Time:- 08:40 PM Close Time:- 10:40 PM


फ्री गेम से क्लोज पास
Open Time:- 08:45 PM Close Time:- 10:45 PM


फ्री गेम से क्लोज पास
Open Time:- 09:00 PM Close Time:- 11:00 PM


फ्री गेम से ओपन पास
Open Time:- 09:25 PM Close Time:- 11:30 PM


फ्री गेम से ओपन पास
Open Time:- 09:35 PM Close Time:- 11:35 PM


Open Time:- 09:45 PM Close Time:- 12:00 AM
Free Guessing Forum Free Fix Single Jodi Weekly Matka Jodi/Paan All Matka Charts Vip Membership Number
DATE => 30-05-2023
!! Game Update Time !!
!! Day 02.00 pm !!
!! Night 08.00 pm !!

Otc:- 9--4--(7)--3 | Close Pass

Jodi:- 94--49--73--37

Panna:- 135--266--359--689


Otc:- (4)--2--8--5 Open Pass

Jodi:- 42--24--85--58

Panna:- 130--589--378--267


Otc:- (6)--2--1--3 | Close Pass

Jodi:- 62--26--13--31

Panna:- 268--589--678--599


Otc:- 8--(9)--6--2 Open Pass

Jodi:- 89--98--62--26

Panna:- 224--(225)--114--589 Single Patti Pass


Otc:- (5)--4--8--7 | Close Pass

Jodi:- 54--45--87--78

Panna:- 113--455--558--160


Otc:- 3--2--4--6

Jodi:- 32--23--46--64

Panna:- 238--688--680--240


Otc:- 7--6--3--0

Jodi:- 76--67--30--03

Panna:- 133--150--599--677


Otc:- 8--(1)--(0)--7 Open Pass | Close Pass

Jodi:- 81--18--07--70

Panna:- 233--380--226--250


Otc:- 2--6--1--0

Jodi:- 26--62--10--01

Panna:- 156--556--489--370


Otc:- (7)--1--5--0 | Close Pass

Jodi:- 71--17--50--05

Panna:- 278--137--168--280


Otc:- 1--2--5--(0) | Close Pass

Jodi:- 12--21--50--05

Panna:- 669--345--113--235


Otc:- 0--(6)--7--1 Open Pass

Jodi:- 06--60--71--17

Panna:- 460--114--269--399


Otc:- 6--2--4--(8) Open Pass

Jodi:- 62--26--48--84

Panna:- 114--499--356--440


Otc:- 6--8--(5)--4 | Close Pass

Jodi:- 68--86--54--45

Panna:- 600--558--140--112

Weekly Open 29/05/23 To 04/06/23
Mon 3 6 7 8
Tue 6 7 8 9
Wed 3 4 5 6
Thu 3 4 6 9
Fri 2 4 6 9
Sat 1 6 7 8
Sun 2 7 8 9
Weekly Jodi 29/05/23 To 04/06/23
2 26 25 28 22
9 96 90 98 92
7 74 79 73 72
1 18 13 19 10
8 80 84 89 86
3 36 35 37 31
Weekly Panna 29/05/2023 To 04/06/2023
1 489-669-777-399
2 444-246-228-570
3 689-599-779-788
4 400-130-220-112
5 447-348-177-267
6 169-367-349-466
7 449-467-890-377
8 440-170-134-233
9 135-900-360-270
0 145-136-244-190
Cut Weekly Kalyan Open Anks Cut
04/06/2023 to 29/05/2023
0 Monday 2
7 Tuesday 5
5 Wednesday 8
2 Thrusday 1
6 Friday 4
9 Saturday 7
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The Kalyan Matka Best Regards Platform Satta & Matka

Satta matka : is obvious for you, as you support . And Satta Matka? Kalyan Matka is an earthen pot which maybe you've used or have seen on youtube. Public generate random numbers either by playing cards or by pulling slips from Satta Matka Live.

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Kalyan Matka :- even be a typical online and offline betting fix jodi that was originally founded in India and it's been playing for the past 70 years. Although the gambol was first played for enjoyment purposes, now it's been playing by placing the important money because the bet. the play has seen vast developments over years and it's become more popular throughout the India and other country's largest news portal from Kalyan Matka Fix Jodi.

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Sattamatka is where you want to placed

If you have India Satta Matka gambling experience and are partial in Sattamatka combinations drawn before, check our website to find the required information getting. We also provide all players with a daily updated Satta matka fastest live results based on their location free of charge. Whether you're eager to check India, USA and worldwide click on the section that meets your needs.

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The Satta Matka: A History's

Matka gambling was introduced in India even before its Independence. Initially, the gamblers or the participants of the game used to place bets on the opening and closing rates of cotton that was being imported to the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton exchange.

This practice and association of gamblers was banned by the New York Cotton Exchange in 1961. But it didn’t take much time for players to reunite and revive satta matka. It soon changed to betting on the opening and closing rates of made-up products and cards by Ratan Khatri, a Sindhi man who migrated from Karachi to Mumbai during partition. Ratan Khatri is known as the biggest Satta Matka of India. Now, this game has been manipulated and modified several times and is played by a huge number of people across India on multiple online platforms but majority of them use our platform.

How To Be A have With Black Satta Matka ?

In Bharat, The Black Daily Satta Matka Game Has Recently Gained heaps Of Popularity. The Satta Matka Number that is additionally called Black SattaMatka Is vie Primarily within the Northern components Of India And together with the complete Of Nepal. each Online And Offline Games Are terribly straightforward To Play. you simply want The Contact Numbers Of the net Dealers just in case you wish To Play Online. Satta Matta Matka And Satta Matka got To the sport As A Result. Kalyan Matka Denotes Wagering Or Gambling, While Matka Denotes A Pot From that variety Is Drawn. The Numerals vary From 00 To ninety nine And Are called Gambling ranges. It' known as Satta Matka And It' A Lottery System during which A SattaMatka range Is force From A Hat Satta Matka Result and therefore the Person Whose Number Is Drawn Receives The Prize. the sport Was Once called 'Ankada Jugar.' It Evolved Over Time and have become utterly totally different From What it absolutely was At The Start, however The Term "Matka" Stuck. On the choice Of Random Numbers And Bets, contemporary Gambling is totally primarily based On. Superfastking.Com Is The Satta Matka Company' hottest on-line net Portal In India. One iscome wealthy By enjoying SattaMatka. Your Destiny will Be modified the wrong way up nightlong If You Win the sport. The Game Offers a large quantity of cash to any or all The Winning Players. The Lottery And play web site Satta Matka Is Well-Known. people build heaps of cash Through This Site, despite the fact that It Isn't Legal. because of the variability Of choices Available, Satta Matka Has Evolved Into A comprehensive play Platform In Recent Years. totally different folks Have totally different Viewpoints On This Platform, however Gambling Is currently Being Discussed rather more Freely. Sattaking may be a Recent Trend within the play Industry, With Satta Matka shooting up On a spread of internet sites And Apps. Here, We'll re-evaluate All you would like to understand concerning The SattaMatka play Platform thus you'll be able to Get a far better information Of It. The Satta Matka Game is generally Lottery-Based. Kalyan Matka is that the most typical Classification.

Where to induce a quick Satta Matka Result ?

The gamblers begin to play the sport the corporate verifies the account details. if you accept as true with it then solely you'll be eligible to play the game. you'll be able to get the Satta Matka quick Tips on the website. it's absolve to check the Matka Guessing. you'll be able to simply check those. you'll be able to check the Kalyan Matka from any device. you'll be able to check either from a mobile or from a laptop. it depends upon you. if you're the lucky winner then you'll get the payment quantity of money. on the opposite hand, if you have got lost the sport then you have got to present the penalty. you have got to pay the corporate back. rather the corporate debits the cash from your account. there are countless risks related to the sport. so, select with wisdom and play the game. it would happen that you simply became wealthy all of a sudden. the game will modification your luck at any time of the day.

About My Own Satta Matka King

Satta Matka started in 1960 in Bharat and in early time it started in mumbai.in time the tactic of this game was modified, currently in modern times the winning variety are declared by the computers however in past it absolutely was fully rely upon a rough estimate. soo, some peoples changed the method of the enjoying game. they expressed a brand new game rule, in line with this, some slips were place in an exceedingly pitcher, and each slip contain a novel number. these numbers were lies between 01 to ninety nine (00 count as hundred)and the participants can wage their quantity on their desired numbers.

When each participants can submit their bet, then on a pre set time, a random slip from pitcher withdrawn by a person. the quantity that written thereon slip declared because the winning number. however soon, this technique conjointly get recent and new ways were also enclosed during this game. in beginning this game was unionized by solely one satta company but in modern times several corporations organise sattamatka in numerous components of india.

In beginning just one lucky range are going to be declared during a day however currently its 3 time a day. taj, deshawar, gali, and are some widespread satta company that organise satta game altogether over and that they have an oversized player base. so, it’s a close information on satta king game origin. satta matka chart – info and wherever to seek out it? satta matka chart will contains structured and well formatted results of Kalyan Matka Number. here you'll get complete knowledge of winning numbers of assorted satta firms and a chart in line with the time, date, month and year. you can simply understand and compare every company knowledge to seek out the future winning numbers in line with the date, year, and month. this may a straightforward to know the recent history of a satta matka company results.

Www Satta Matka return may keep the temporal order and information of a satta company. their daily unionized games and their daily winning numbers. you'll be able to notice Satta Matka Kalyan Ka chart on numerous web site., satta king first, also in an exceedinglyll|one amongst|one in every of} them that may offer you the satta king chart. here you'll find the past month and years satta matka winner numbers in a managed way. this website may be a trusty supply of checking satta king chart 2021. if you're a satta king player and want older information then you can visit this website. wherever am i able to found sattamatka?

SattaMatka.Come may be a reliable and trustworthy web site to ascertain Satta Matka daily results online. here you may get data of daily lucky numbers that declared as winning numbers. here you'll be able to conjointly check the results of in style satta firms like desawar, taj, faridabad, ghaziabad, Delhi darbar and gali. as presently as these companies declare their results, we'll update them here. this website is that the best supply to induce satta results.

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